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Ice Cream is good


jesus is better

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The title poem is a humorous approach to a serious subject – food addiction and there are other funny ones too, alongside poems that talk about finding God in your life, finding peace, and looking at the things that affect your decisions.  All have a special theme, meaning and message and I pray that you will find a message just for you


This book of contemporary Christian poems raises the possibility of God in your life.  It poses the question that: if what you’re doing isn’t working, then why not try God instead.  The opening poem “What If?” poses that exact question and leaves the reader something to think about.

Other poems such as “Black Dog” and “Beauty for Ashes” bring a glimmer of hope from the brink of despair.  “A Mile in Your Shoes” reflects a mother’s love and grief for her child and there are poems that express gratitude “The Typist” and “The Debt I Owe”

Your God inspired poetry is such an inspiration to us. Your ministry will reach thousands – Christians
and non-Christians. Bless You. Maggie
Thank you for sharing your heart, the good and the bad, the sweet and the sad. Thank you for being
honest and vulnerable and sharing your gift of poetry with us. Syd and Lindy Collie
Dearest Chris, what a blessing you ‘ve been in our lives. I’ve always loved poetry and even wrote a
few in my teenage years. Your poems are inspirational, wise, encouraging and so often beautifully
humorous! Your poems make me feel inspired, agree strongly, laugh and cry.
Love and blessings. Bette and Harvey
You are an inspiration and so are your poems. We love you and appreciate you.
Annette and George
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