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A heartwarming story of hope, love and winning against the odds.  It captures the thrill of racing and one woman’s lifelong love of horses. 

The book tells the story of Blue Jest, winner of the iconic Birdsville Cup in 2018.  From birth in a backyard in NSW, to the country racing scene in Queensland.  From Cairns to Brisbane to Birdsvile and all parts in between, Blue Jest strode and won on the dusty tracks of the Outback and the lush green tracks of major regional centres.  

In the very capable hands of Bevan (Billy) Johnson, Blue’s win and place record warmed the hearts and lined the pockets of many racing fans. He did his best.  He always did.   The book is as much a tribute to Billy and Mel Johnson as it about the horse.   

At the same time Blue Jest began his racing career, his owner’s daughter was diagnosed Stage 4 cancer.  A bigger battle began away from the racing scene.    As the family struggled to cope, Blue Jest became more than just a racehorse.  He became the good news that everyone was desperate for, the diversion therapy everyone needed.

Blue won many country cups but his most memorable win was in the 2018 Birdsville Cup.  Unfavoured in the betting, he beat them all in a thrilling photo finish, earning his place in the history of this iconic race.  The book has a QR Code that will take you to a U-tube of the race and you can relive that moment.

This is a story about the battlers who overcome the odds, who strive, who hang on to hope when hope is hard to find and who, in the end live the dream.

A Heart Full Of Hope And A Head Full Of Dreams

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