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Tales of a Travelling Showman is a fifty years history of a sideshow family living, working and travelling the agricultural shows and capital shows along the East Coast of Australia.  The book takes you behind the scenes and into the canvas-backed world of the "showie".  It describes the old tent shows, the games, the characters, the fight, the living and working condition and the freedom of the open road.  It's a book for the baby boomer generation who can look back and remember the fun of show day and what Australia was like back then.  It's an eye opener for younger generations who can't imagine anyone living without electricity, tv or mobile phones.  It's a rollicking good read.  You''' love it.

Tales of a Travelling Showman

  • This is a fascinating story of a little known lifestyle, the life of a travelling showman, a "showie".  It has all the drama, humour, history, that the travelling life demands and how resourcefullness, hard work and a strong dose of faith is needed to survive and thrive.   There's so many funny stories and anecdotes and some heartbreaking ones too.  The story goes over 50 years from 1953 and looks at a changing Australia, from the post war boom years, to the challenging 80s and 90s.  This is mainly the story of father.  He wasn't perfect but he fitted perfectly into the life of a travelling showman.

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