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An epic story of one man’s life.  All the love, the adventure, the wonder. It’s a story of a free spirited adventurer, of someone who knew how to live in the moment and relish every second.  From boxer, to entertainer, to travelling showman, to kangaroo shooter, gem hunter and cutter, writer, poet, performer – as each page turns you get to know the man, the people and places in his life.  A collection of photographs, black and white and colour, add historical context.

 It’s also the story of his love for his family; his wife, his children and grandchildren, his own brothers and sister and in his later years, his love of God.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll appreciate what life was like in his lifetime, a World War, a changing Australia all told against a background of a mighty and enduring love for his wife, Thelma that lasted 65 years before she passed in 2003, struck down with Alzheimer’s.  Epic and beautiful, simply told.  You will love it.

$50 plus postage for Hardbound edition, large size

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